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Sense Art Studio

We believe art makes dreams come true.

Sense Art Studio (SAS) is a new vision for art business initiated in 2009. Based in Hong Kong, SAS is dedicated to conduct business with a consciousness for the betterment of society. This will be achieved by striking a balance between handling art deals, conducting educational programmes and promoting young artists. SAS in collaboration with Art Front Gallery in Japan after serving as volunteers in Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2009.

We dream a little dream. We commit ourselves as pioneers in art education outside the traditional classrooms. Through coordinating volunteer programmes to art events and festivals, we provide a platform for youngsters to understand the role of art and its development in society.

We commit to realize dreams. We are sensitive to the demand of art in the market. We provide professional consultations and project coordination services in both indoor and outdoor settings; we are skillful in realizing all artists' concepts; we sell art pieces and designers' products from our partner gallery – Art Front Gallery in Japan, the exclusive partner of its sold products outside the Japanese market.


藝術觸角企畫室 (Sense Art Studio) 成立於2009年,是一個年輕,具新視野的藝術機構,我們希望透過經營畫廊、展覽及提供藝術專業顧問服務,讓年輕人有一個開拓藝術在商業市場的發展空間,繼而推展對外的藝術教育活動,並致力促進本地青年藝術家的發展。


C. C. Wu Cultural and Education Foundation Fund 伍集成文化教育基金會
Mr David Young 楊祖貽先生
Mr Fram Kitagawa 北川フラム先生

Consultant from Art Front Gallery
Mr Yasunari Kumagai 熊谷靖成先生

Japan - Art Front Gallery (AFG)
Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair Committee