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AHAF HK 2012 Young Artists Contest

1. Field: Contemporary art (painting, photography, printing, sculpture, video art)

2. Participant Eligibility:
- Young Artists who want their artistic ability to be evaluated at International Art Fair
- Young Artists under 35
* Artists who have already participated in AHAF Young Artists before can apply with their new works.

3. Awards:
Selected Artists will participate in:
- AHAF HK 12 Young Artists group or solo Exhibition
- KEUMSAN GALLERY (Seoul or Heyri, Korea) Group Exhibition, after additional-evaluation from among
selected artists of AHAF HK 12.
* Final selected artists for group exhibition will be announced afterward.

4. Required document:
- Fill out an application (www.hotelartfair.kr – EXHIBITING – YOUNG ARTISTS – Download)
- Portfolio:
1) Biography & statement for art
2) More than 5 images of recent works
3) Please arrange your works in chronological order before submission
4) Please send portfolio image and documents via email or webhard.
www.webhard.net - upload only folder (ID: hotelartfair0 / PW: 2011)

5. Deadline: November 25, 2011

6. Announcement of results:
- The results of the contest will be posted on AHAF website at December 9, 2011.

7. No Entry fee will be charged
If you have any question, please contact the committee by e-mail
(Hong Kong & China) studio@senseart.hk
(Japan) keumsangallery@yahoo.co.jp
(Korea and Others) hotelartfair@nate.com.