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Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong 2012 VIP Lectures

Competition Format - Young Artists in Action at Regional Site-Specific Art Events
青草上的青春 – 年輕藝術工作者的機遇
Date & time: Feb.24 th
(Fri) 2pm~3pm
Lecturer: Mr. Alexander Hui 許日銓 先生

Young artists used to travel to the city to build their careers. Toward the end of the 20th century, the most existing contemporary art projects are to be found in area for removed from the urban core. Many of these decentralized art projects adopt and international competition format in the artist selection process. As a result, many young artists are finding rural areas as ground to refine the communicative power of their works.

Mr. Alexander Hui is trained in the field of Architecture and museums. He now focuses his research in the social and aspects of cultural contemporary art and heritage conservation.

The Power of Portraits in post-1949 China
Date & time: Feb.25 th
(Sat) 2pm~3pm
Lecturuer: Dr. Yeewan Koon 官綺雲 博士

The art of socialist realism is inevitably linked to to ideological, rather than aesthetic, considerations because of their roles as political propaganda. But what if were to consider them from an artwork point of view and consider them in terms of the efficacy of the image, and ask questions about how they operated as persuasive political messages. Focusing on portraits, this talk provides an introductory historical perspective on how these state art forms would later impact the works of artists today.

Dr. Yeewan Koon is an Assistant Professor in the Fine Arts Department, The University of Hong Kong. She is currently working on a manuscript on art during the time of the Opium War.

The Lives of Others - Artists of the Chinese Diaspora
活在他方- 海外中國藝術家
Date & time: Feb.26 th
(Sun) 2pm~3pm
Lecturer: Ms. Davina Lee 李國瑜 女士

"The Lives of Others" considers the works of artists of Chinese descent who live or have spent a significant part of their lives outside China. The talk will consider how upbringing and experience have informed the works of such artists and the position of these works within the wider debates surrounding the politics of identity.

Ms Davina Lee is a curator, consultant and writer. She is the founder of DIORAMA PROJECTS, which seeks to develop and realize projects which will stimulate artistic and cultural exchange and collaboration. Davina has curated numerous exhibitions in France and Hong Kong. Her articles have been published in various magazines including the Journal of the Royal Photographic Society, Qvest, Tatler and Muse. Before obtaining her degree from Sotheby's Institute, Davina was an intellectual property lawyer in London and Hong Kong for 15 years.