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The 8th AHAF Seoul 2012 Young Artists Contest

▶ Contest Overview
1. Contest Categories: Any Contemporary visual art
- painting, photography, printing, sculpture, video art

2. Applicants:
- Young Artists who desire their works of art to be evaluated at an International Art Fair
- Young Artists under 35
* Artists who have already participated in AHAF Young Artists Contest before also can apply with their
new works.

3. Award:
Nominated artists will be awarded:
- AHAF Seoul 12 Young Artists Exhibition
- Exhibition at related Korean galleries with AHAF Committee
- Invitation for a solo exhibition at next AHAF special exhibition booth
* Final selected artists for group exhibition will be announced afterward.

4. Required document:
- Fill in the application downloaded in (www.hotelartfair.kr – AHAF Young Artist – How to apply)
- Portfolio:
1) Artist CV & Artist statement, any pieces of critique or review (if applicable)
2) More than 7 images after 2010 with a proper caption
3) Portfolio be restricted only in Microsoft Office PowerPoint format

5. Upload your portfolio
A portfolio of any applicants be uploaded at www.webhard.net
- How to upload the material: Log in with ID: hotelartfair0 / Pass Word: 2012  Get
Upload Only folder  Apply to AYA 12  Upload your portfolio (the folder of applied
portfolio only be named by artist's real name)

6. Deadline: May 29th(Tue), 2012

7. Evaluation & Announcement:
- Applicants who will meet the requirement of document evaluation are individually contacted
by the committee for the second examination of works.
- The second examination will be at artist's studio with his/her recent works
- The finalized list of artists will be posted at AHAF website on 23rd June, 2012

8. No Entry fee would be charged
-If you have any question, please contact the committee by e-mail. We may respectfully decline
inquires by a phone call please.
(Hong Kong & China) studio@senseart.hk
(Japan) keumsangallery@yahoo.co.jp
(Korea and Others) info@hotelartfair.kr