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Spoon Art Fair HK12

Spoon Art Fair HK12, the brand new style of exhibiting artworks using hotel rooms as venue instead of the traditional 'white cube' walls, aims to promote young, talented artisits and their works.

The new exhibition style - wherein art pieces are placed in windowsills, walls, beds and even in bathtubs of hotel rooms - communicates more easily with the public and enables them to visualize artworks in their own homes, unlike the traditional exhibition venue which, at times, is perceived to separate art from life.

The host of Spoon Art Fair is KS Art Company, the organizer of Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair (AHAF). Having successfully mounted seven Hotel Art Fairs in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, AHAF has been helping tremendously in improving the viability of hotels as an art market.

Spoon Art Fair will be held alongside Art HK12, which is the biggest art fair in Asia. Art HK12 showcases the masterpieces of well-known artists; Spoon Art Fair unveils the works of emerging young artists as well as brand new pieces from eastablished artists.

Along with Art HK12, Spoon Art Fair promises to create an innovative art scene in Hong Kong while making art a part of - not separate from - life.

14th/15th floors, Grand Haytt Hong Kong
1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong

VIP Preview:
May 18 (Fri), 12pm - 4pm

Date & Time:
May 18 (Fri), 4pm - 8pm
May19 (Sat), 12pm - 8pm
May 20 (Sun), 12pm - 8pm


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Press release

 Spoon Art Fair HK12 press release


For more information, please visit: http://spoonartfair.com