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Setouchi International Art Festival

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The Seto Inland Sea area (Kagawa prefecture) has long been a crucial sea route for boats that came and went from the mainland. Travelers through the islands gave rise to a flourishing cultural exchange between those who were passing by and those who lived on the island.

Being the first art festival in the region, the Setouchi International Art Festival 2010 aims to inject life into the islands by celebrating cultural exchange between visitors and local inhabitants through the use of contemporary art and architecture.

Sense Art Studio is honoured to be given the opportunity to curate and organise artistic events on Shodoshima, the largest of the seven islands involved in this festival. Volunteers will be working and having fun alongside both Sense Art Studio Hong Kong (including Hong Kong artists, students, university researchers and gallery staff) as well as international artists.

瀨戶內海(香川縣)很久以來都是一條連接內陸的重要海路。來往島嶼的人客和居於島上的人通過長年累月的交往,造就了一種獨特的文化 交流。

瀨戶內海國際藝術祭2010是該區內的第一個藝術祭,此節希望透過現代藝術和現代建築向島嶼注入和尋找更多源的文化,並藉旅客和居民的互動而創造出動人的 故事。

藝術觸角企畫室很榮幸得到日本主辦單位的邀請,能夠在此藝術祭中,七個島中面積最大的小豆島上策展和籌備各樣的藝術項目。義工會和本畫廊(包括香港的藝術 家,學生,大學研究生和畫廊員工)及國際藝術家一起工作和享樂。

Art Setouchi 2010 Art Works Catalogue

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