Setouchi International Art Festival 2010

Sense Art Studio

One principal of the works by Sense Art Studio is the belief that art brings people together. We gathered a mixture of artists and young people of diverse talents that we hope made Shodoshima and the Seto Inland Sea a more beautiful and energetic place for people to enjoy and engage with each other.

105 Days Red A Lamp Shade Project

A total of 41 Red A lamp shades from Hong Kong were distributed to local inhabitants, with some hanging at the doorstep, attic, over a coffee table and places that they felt complimented their own space. These red dots around the village became a reminder for the friendship and fond memories that were made over the 105 festival day.

If a family walks up to their front door to find a warm welcoming red light greeting them under the dark nights, then we believe the smile on their faces will be the same as ours as we look towards the tranquil landscapes of the Seto Inland Sea.

Cornelia Erdmann
Goods (Shodoshima x Hong Kong)
15 pierced drawings on 15 red plastic lamp shades

The Red A lamp shades are a very common and typical Hong Kong product, actually made in Hong Kong until the production line was stopped recently. They can be found at every food stall, on every wet market around town and represent Hong Kong's most original everyday culture.

When the lights are on, the lamp shades turn into a medium of the common, the normal of Hong Kong culture: lively, almost palatable, yet completely virtual and real at the same time.

The artwork installation Goods is a series of lamp shades with pierced hole drawings of the goods of Shodoshima. The concept is to bring Hong Kong to Japan and merge the cultures. Some lamp shades are placed in a cafe that sells Chinese tea and special Hong Kong delicacies during the festival made with local ingredients.

Tsang Tak Ping - - Walking Hand in Hand with History
曾德平 - 把手共行
Found object

In a place full of living history, we make a good use of our hands to walk along with its historical richness, hand in hand.

We write down our wishes for the future and protect them with warmth. The reflected space creates a tunnel of brightness for us to travel to and fro the past, the present and the future.

Lee Chi Fong - Chinese Tea sharing
李熾晃 - 中國茶分享

Chinese tea made with Japanese water tells a tale of a long history of cultural exchange between the people, the land and the sea.

醉樂団 - Chinese Music
忠樂中樂 - Chinese Soul Concert
Zheng, Suona, Sheng, Dizi, Pipa, Chinese percussion

The orchestra performs music with traditional Chinese instruments on a stage made of bamboo in the House of Shodoshima and is set against a backdrop of terraced rice fields, resulting in an exotic yet somehow nostalgic performance.

Modern Children featuring Ming @ Joy Trendy Sound
Acoustic guitars and bass, Erhu, Toy accordion, Violin, Toy xylophone, Rainbow bells, Djembe and Boomwacker.

Modern Children is a Hong Kong indie band formed in 2006. Their positive music and passionate live performance brought smiles to locals and visitors who sat down together in the House of Shodoshima to listen to contemporary songs made from ancient myths and distant lands.

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