102 of us, including artists, Chinese tea expert, Tai Chi master, Chinese musicians, Hong Kong indie band, students and adults spent time in Shodoshima working together for the art festival efforts.


Site visit

29 June

HKU General Education Unit students arrive on Shodoshima

30 June

Hong Kong team working with local artist

1 July

Kabuki research team begin meeting with locals

2 July

Mushiokuri festival

4 July

Growing seeds in pot

5 July

Red A Lamp shade project begins

15 July

川崎 does Japanese tea ceremony for Hong Kong team

18 July

Hitoyama BBQ

19 July

Cornelia Erdmann piece opens to public in elementary school and Komame Cafe

19 July

Tsang Tak Ping piece opens to public in elementary school

19 July

Chinese tea by Lee Chi Fong and Hong Kong dessert available in Komame Cafe

19 July

Chinese music reception to celebrate opening of the House of Shodoshima

19 July

Mobile café brings food from café to House of Shodoshima

22 July

Kabuki make up session

29 July

Hitoyama Udon workshop

24-31 July

Chinese Music, Chinese Soul Concert at House of Shodoshima and Komame café

14 August

O Bong Festival

21 August

Chinese Music, Chinese Soul Concert at House of Shodoshima

22 August

Chinese tea is served at the House of Shodoshima every weekend

26 August

Sense Art scarecrow is there to protect the cucumbers that we have farmed

14-17 September

Chau Wai Tai Chi demonstration

18 September

Chau Wai “Greeting the Sun” (迎接太陽) opens to public on farm site

18-19 September

Mid Autumn Festival Week (中秋節)

24-25 September

Modern Children concert

3 October

Kabuki make up at Nakayama Kabuki theatre

11 October

Tea demonstration with Kabuki make up at House of Shodoshima

15 October

Omatsuri (Nakayama team)

19 October

Hitoyama Udon workshop

20 October

Rice harvest with Hitoyama kindergarten children

23-24 October

Kabuki research questionnaire distributed to Hitoyama and Nakayama

31 October

All 41 Red A lamp shades to remain on Shodoshima

Report of Art Setouchi 2010

Timeline of Art Setouchi 2010

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